Works In Progress

Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on recently:


worksinprogressimgBe Mine

Yeah, Once upon a time I was fine, I was fine
But I’ll never be again, be again
Lest You’ll be mine.

I woke this morning
Found cupid walking down the sidewalk
I woke mom and dad
They were tired, went into their sleepwalk

Ain’t no stopping
‘Til you’re dropping
And you ain’t stopping me.

From the things that I love
Or anything we could be.

Song Title Ideas:
I Don’t Know Lots of Things
Except for Me
My Room is Mediocre
Through the Keyhole of Light
Driving the Earth’s Spinner
At Times
The Key to Sunny
You the Man, Woman.
Crazy Crazy World
Kickin’ Butt
Al the Al
Fun Matters Most
You’re Pretty Now
Sweatin’ Off My Worries

Book Title Idea:
Mesopotamia Gets All the Credit!

Educational Song Titles:
Half Knowing Halves
A Song of Symmetry
The Huns Had Hundreds

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  1. Tanner,

    You always amaze me with your words. You are such a lovely young man and it is fun watching you grow and develop into who you are and will be. I am always excited to hear the songs you write and now can perform also with your guitar. We are all blessed to have you as part of our lives. I love you so much!


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