Wisdom from Tanner…

1. I like to be counted on. One time, my family had a car wreck, and daddy was up by the truck getting our phones and things. But a semi was coming. My shoe fell off and dad came to rescue me. Just then, the semi hit the truck, and me losing my shoe saved daddy. The week before, I had been saying my guardian angel prayer a lot. This is the prayer:

Angel sent by God to guide me, be my light and walk beside me, be my guardian and protect me; on the paths of life direct me.

My family thinks my prayers worked and I like that I was counted on to protect my family.

2. Enjoy this time of your life because it’s the only time you’ll have this time. Once I was having fun with my dad. And I was doing something that I usually didn’t do – I was tickling his cheek. And I hoped daddy enjoyed it, because I didn’t do it often, and it was probably the only time I was ever going to do that. Then I was like, “Enjoy this time of your life because it’s the only time you’ll have this time.” And daddy said, “Wow! that’s very wise of you, Tanner.” And, I was like, “Don’t worry. I’m always like that.”

So thanks for listening to my wisdom. Hope you have that kind of wisdom, too. See ya Later. Tanner.


  1. Wow, thanks Tanner! This is the perfect thing for me to read today. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. 🙂
    Love, Julie

  2. Diane (YaYa) Herring March 20, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    Tanner, this is a wonderful post and so very true. We really do have to appreciate the time we have together and enjoy even the little moments. You do have such a kind heart and a lot of wisdom for a boy of your age. You live your life as Jesus would want you to, offering kindness, peace and love to others. We should all be like that, all the time. There is no need for anger or meanness in this world. Thank you for being such an awesome grandson and person! I love you so much! YaYa

  3. Thanks Tanner! Great thoughts!

  4. Thank you Tanner for sharing your profound wisdom with us! Love you buddy.

  5. Hi, Tanner. This is Mrs. O’Halloran. We sat next to each other in church a couple of Sundays ago when I was visiting from Fort Myers. I was so drawn to you and could tell you were a very special angel. I was surprised to look up and see my friend from Fort Myers—who also happens to be your grandmother! I had not seen her in so long. But I was not surprised to read about your shoe, the semi, and your dad. Even though I had never met you before, I knew you were very special from the moment you began to sing.. Keep praying your special prayers. (Could you stick one in for me while you’re at it?) 🙂

  6. you have a very lucky family with a very special young man! keep writing, my friend.

  7. You really are so wise! Wiser than I am, for sure. We all have so much to learn from you, so please keep writing and teaching us 🙂

    Hope to see ya soon dude!

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