What the Egyptians thought of Heaven (the Afterworld).

If no one had ever told you about Jesus, what would you think of Heaven?

Well, the Egyptians thought that your body went to the afterworld, they took out the organs, but they kept in the heart.  They thought the Egyptian god Osiris weighed the heart.  If the heart was heavy, that means the person was bad and a monster would eat it.  If the heart was light, the person was good and would live a happy life in the afterworld.

And I would have thought that heaven was a place that I could go to any time and the only place I could talk to all the people around me at once.  It would have been a beautiful place, and if no one had told me then I would think the place you stood was on the clouds, and I would be afraid of dying.

But now, I know that Jesus will be with me in heaven, and because of one airplane ride, my mom told me I could NOT jump on clouds.  Now I think heaven is a peaceful place, and I still think it is beautiful.  And now I’m not afraid of dying for 2 reasons:  1) I have A LOT of questions to ask God.  2) Because I love Peace, and in Heaven, everyone is peaceful.  And I would LOVE being with Jesus. (You can know that I love Peace in another part of my blog…the Peacemaker part.)

Egyptian thoughts, Tanner.


  1. Dear Tanner,

    I enjoyed reading your “Egyptian thoughts.” I, too, am so glad someone told me about Jesus so that I could look forward to being with Him after I die. If no one had ever told me about Jesus I might think that I had to work hard to be perfect in order to get to Heaven, and I might be afraid that I wouldn’t be good enough. Thankfully, I know now that Jesus did all the work necessary by dying on the cross for me. I just have to believe in Him and accept His free gift of life forever in Heaven with Him. In the meantime… He’s making me good. What a great deal!

    Thoughtfully yours,
    Miss Jill

  2. Diane Herring (YaYa) September 7, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    Tanner, I love everything that you write. Today’s thoughts were very special. Like you, I love Jesus very much and am not afraid of dying knowing that I will be with Him. I picture Heaven to be the most peaceful and happy place you can be. I bet there are lots of hugs going around and people get to be with all those they love. We are very blessed to know and love Jesus.

    I learned about Jesus when I was very young by my Mom so I never thought about not going to heaven when I die. Thank you for telling us about the Egyptians because I didn’t know about it. I love you so much! YaYa

  3. Tanner, you are so AWESOME! I think the best part of my entire day is reading your thoughts on your blog. I am so proud of you and I love you sooooooo much. Daddy.

  4. Dear Tanner,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! This was my 1st time on your site and I am amazed, although not surprised, about how you look at the world in such a grown-up way. Thanks for your “Egyptian Thoughts”. Your view of heaven sounds so wonderful – a place where everyone can be with the ones they love and everyone is peaceful. I also learned a few things about the Egyptians!

    I’ll see you the next time you come to get Torie at school.

    Mrs. Hutchings

  5. Wow, what insightful thinking Tanner. I love reading your blog…You are a great thinker! Keep spreading the Peace!-Love Aunt Talia

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