What Christmas is Really About

Christmas Art 2011 Tanner and Torie

Did you know Christmas is not just about all the things that you know about it? Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus. Santa, presents and cookies started with the story of St. Nicholas.

I’m into Taylor Swift, and I got her Holiday Collection CD for my birthday. On it, she has a song that’s titled “Christmas Must Be Something More.” I like this song because Christmas IS something more. The birth of Jesus. I like the lyric “Here’s to the Birthday Boy who saved our lives.” It’s clever. I like Taylor Swift because she has a soft voice, I like her last name, and I like her songwriting. When I go to Nashville when I’m 10, I hope I can have a songwriting session with Taylor Swift. We’d probably write a very cool song. And remember that lyric? Well, the Birthday Boy who saved our lives was Jesus. You can find out more about the birth of Jesus in the beginning of the New Testament in the Bible.

SYS (See Ya Soon),


PS. My Birthday’s near Christmas. That’s why I got a Christmas CD for my birthday.

PPs. A Joke: Why is Cinderella bad at basketball? Because she ran away from the ball!


  1. Love it. Love it. Love it. Awesome work once again.



  2. Tanner, I am very impressed with your blog. You are an excellent writer and story teller. I really like Taylor Swift too, she is really pretty and has a sweet voice.

  3. Gina Griffin (Grandma) December 16, 2011 at 2:47 AM

    Tanner you are one very special boy and I am so so proud of you. This blog is beautiful! “Happy Birthday, Jesus”! and “Merry Christmas, Tanner”! I love you so much! Grandma

    PS I am glad you like the Taylor Swift CD. I would like to listen to that song with you sometime, OK?

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