Ways for kids to give presents by Tanner

Giving presents is fun.  Did you know what the first present was?  It was at the first Christmas.  It was Jesus.  God gave him to us.  So we give presents.  Most kids don’t give them that much, but grown-ups sometimes give a bunch to their kids.  And who started the giving tradition?  St. Nicholas.  He even started Santa Claus.  And I have an idea of what I’m going to do this Christmas.  I’m going to pick 3 random people to give presents to this Christmas.  Here are some ideas that I might do, and you might try some too:

Idea 1:  Buy presents for random people for Christmas.  For the person, it would be a fun surprise, and it might give them the thing that they really wanted.

Idea 2:  If you can’t buy them presents, you could make one.  You could make an edible sculpture, or maybe out of leftovers from making something (extra fabric from making Christmas ornaments, extra wood from building a new kitchen, or extra clothes your parents don’t need anymore) you could design a project.  Or you could even graphic design a piece of art on a computer (See another post for an example.)

Idea 3:  With a little help from your parents, maybe you could build something. And maybe paint it too.  For instance, how about a birdhouse?  That should be easy to make.  Or, like, a colorful souvenir so they could remember that Christmas.

Idea 4:  You could help your mom or dad buy presents for each other, or maybe even your brother or sister!

Idea 5:  With your imagination, invent a new book, or maybe just make a great card.  Remember to put your name and their name on it, and say something that you like about the person you are giving it to, or if you don’t know them very well, just draw something they might like.

Idea 6:  You could make a playlist of songs and put it on a tape recording or a CD.

Idea 7:  You could bake something, but be careful around the oven, and make sure to find out if the person is allergic to anything, like dairy.

Idea 8:  You could share your time and talent by singing to someone.  Most people love songs, especially ones you made up.  I put some songs I made up here on my blog.

Show Love and Give Presents,




  1. Wow Tanner I am very impressed with your blog. These tips and ideas are great for adults too:) Many times during the holidays we tend to forget the meaning of Christmas so thank you so much for reminding us and for also reminding us to give from the heart! Keep up the great tips and suggestions!!

  2. Tanner,
    I love the way you think. Creating something with your own hands and giving it to another brings such pleasure to the giver and receiver. Such an exchange of energy can change your world and theirs which proves the truth that what you do to another you do to yourself.
    You,re the best!
    Love you, California Grammy

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