Waxer and…Kraw! By Tanner Griffin

Waxer and Kraw, Original sculptures by Tanner Griffin, Copyright 2012

Waxer and…Kraw!  By Tanner Griffin

Once a bunny named Waxer was hopping along when he saw a monster.  He hid behind a rock.

The monster said, “I want a playmate.”

Waxer hopped out.  “I’ll be your playmate, if you don’t eat me.” He said.

“Eat you! NO!” Said the monster. “I’m nice.”

“Ok, then, let’s play.” Said Waxer. “Oh, and by the way, what’s your name?”

“KRAW!” Said the monster.

“I thought you were nice.”  Said Waxer.

“No, my NAME is Kraw.” Said…Kraw.

“Ok, then, let’s play.” Said Waxer.

“YEAH!” Said Kraw. (He has a big voice.)

But just as they were going to start playing, it started raining.

“Oh no.” Said Kraw. “I can’t control the water, but I can control the earth…”

“You can control the earth?” Waxer cut him off.

“Yes, and I was thinking I can move a tree so we can have shelter.  I’ll make it’s roots really tight so the tree won’t fall over.”  Said Kraw.

So he did, and they went under the tree for shelter.

When they came out, there were still lots of water drops, but they saw a rainbow, and they started playing tag, and they lived happily ever after.  And Waxer wanted Kraw to come over to his house, but…that’s another story.

Stay tuned for Roaming Kraw and Pet Waxer…Coming in November 2012!  (And probably published by the year 2040!)

Waxer and Kraw Rainbows in the Rain, An original painting by Tanner Griffin, Copyright 2012


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