The Unorganized Wizard – A scary story by Tanner

Once upon a time, I was at the Insect Theme Park. We went at sunset so it would be a tinyyyy bit scarier. (My friend Bratton and I thought it would be fun.) I had all the stuff we might need in the backpack I brought, like dinner and desserts, and a stick, in case I needed it. Sticks are very useful.

Meanwhile, a wizard was trying to get himself organized. He could not find his wand. But the stick I brought was a magic stick. Since regular kids can’t afford magic wands, they find sticks that are magic. You know the sticks are magic because they are the ones that are COVERED with green leaves. If you pick the green leaves off, then the stick will become magic.

Anyway, we were walking into the 5D movie theater. Bratton and I did not know what the 4D or the 5D was. “Oh Boy!” Mom said. “I’ve never gone to a 5D movie. I’ve only been to a 4D one.” Then we took our seats and the movie started. The seats felt very lumpy. I was not very comfortable. But I tried to curl up and watch the movie anyway. The theater darkened as dark as my friend’s eyes (Bratton has very dark eyes.) I was scared but mom said, “Don’t worry. All movie theatres get dark.”

Just then a scary part happened. All the insects seemed to come towards us. Mom said, “I don’t think this movie theatre was a good idea. “

All of a sudden, THEY REALLY DID! They became alive!

We raced out of the movie theater, where we met the Wizard. He didn’t have his wand, but luckily I had my magic stick, which I gave to him. The wizard helped us disappear with his magic. Then he disappeared himself too.

After the bugs were gone, he made us reappear. But there was one more bug that had been hiding. My friend said, “Please give our magic stick back, wizard. I will stand up to the giant bug!”

But just when he walked up to the bug to fight it…IT GRABBED HIM!! It put him in it’s mouth and as it was about to crunch down on his bones, “ABRACADABRA!” He put himself back on the ground.

We ran away, but the insect was quicker. It trapped us. “Let’s run back to the exit!” said mom. So we started to run. I glanced back for a second and saw the yellowy-orangey-blackish giant bug crunching on the wizard. Just as I glanced, it swallowed. And it ate my magic stick too!

After it ate my magic stick, it became faster…and zoomed toward the exit after us…

THE END (or is it?)


  1. WOW! That is scary stuff. I am glad that you managed to avoid having your bones crunched by the giant insect. I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation, waiting to find out if it really is the end….

    Great story Tanner.

    Love you,

  2. Diane (YaYa) Herring January 4, 2012 at 8:40 PM

    Wow Tanner. I found the story pretty scary. You are a very creative writer. You could be an author someday if you like to write stories. I cannot wait to see if there is a follow up to this. I want to know what happens to you, your friend and your mom.

    Love you so much! YaYa

  3. Great story, Tanner! You’re really leaving me at a cliffhanger. Maybe next time I see you I can get the inside scoop on whether or not it’s really the end.


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