All Because of That Little Shell, an original poem by Tanner Griffin

My favorite shell from the beach that I photographed and graphic designed. Copyright 2012 Tanner Griffin

Once I found a shell on the beach,

I picked it up & gave a speech:

“I Have Found A Shell And Do Not Know What To Do With It.”

Then I had an idea.

I could decorate my sand castle with it.

I made one on the beach.

And I found lots more, thanks to that one little shell.


  1. Hi Tanner! Your poem is awesome. I always enjoy reading your poems and stories, because they are so well thought out. You are starting to develop a style too. I also love your picture. I love you!

    -Aunt Nen

  2. Hi Tanner, You have a great poem about shells! Shells are very cool and you can do so much with them. As a kid, I loved collecting shells and so did your Mom and Nen. They spent much time searching for their favorites. I cannot wait to spend time with you guys this summer at our beach place. We will all have to go shell collecting. I miss you and love you so much! See you soon! YaYa

  3. Gina Griffin (Grandma) June 27, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    This is so cool! The beach is very inspiring to you isn’t it? Very peaceful and beautiful to experience. Love you! Grandma

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