The Peace Stone by Torie, age 7

The Peace Stone by Torie, age 7

copyright 2014

(translated from Wampy to English)
One day an elf named Hokey was stacking bowls of fruit. The crowd in front of him laughed as the stack of fruit toppled over. One of the grapes landed in Hokey’s mouth. Hokey looked around and saw a painter. He was painting some broccoli.HOKEY1

“Yum!” Thought Hokey. “Broccoli is my favorite food.”
Then he went back to work.

After work, Hokey went home. Hokey was a short, cute elf. He lived in a small straw hut in Elf World. He lived with his wife, Lokey and their son Thomas. Lokey was praying to their god, Lonk. She was praying for another baby elf while she knitted some clothes for her family. Thomas was playing with his toy elf, Conkey. Hokey started making dinner. It was a meal of fruit, broccoli, Coke, rice and bread, and water for refills. Tomorrow they would head out on the mountain to find the Peace Stone, and maybe do a little geocaching on the way.
The next day, they set out toward the mountain. They noticed along the way a small troll.

“Look!” Said Thomas. “A troll!”

The troll said, “Pleased to meet you.”

“Wamp. What’s your name?” Hokey said.

“My name’s Moe.” Said the 98-year old troll.

“Wamp, Mr. Moe. Would you like to come find the Peace Stone with us? We’re headed there now.” Said Thomas.

“Sure.” Said Moe. And off they went.

A little way down the grassy path, Moe looked up and sent a rainbow into the sky with his hand.

“How did you do that?” Hokey said.

“I’m a rainbow troll.” Moe said. “I have a book about rainbows. I just happened to bring it along. Do you guys want to read it?”

Thomas said yes and his parents stopped along the trail to read the book to him. As they walked up the mountain, Thomas wouldn’t stop talking about rainbows. He kept asking Moe to make more. Moe liked Thomas. So, Moe said to Thomas, “Hey, kid, do you want me to give you rainbow powers?”

“YEAHHHH!” Shouted Thomas.

“Cool!” Said Moe loudly.

Moe touched his hand to Thomas, and a rainbow immediatly flew into Thomas’ hand. Then they headed back up the grassy, sunny trail. Once they got to the top, they found the Peace Stone. And a geocache hidden in it. It was a BIG geocache, big enough to fit a small puppy. Thomas looked in it, and found A SMALL PUPPY! He traded Conkey, his toy elf, for it. He named the puppy Moe, after his new friend. Moe the troll liked the name and Moe the puppy did too.

HOKEY2The Peace Stone was pretty, smooth and grey, with black letters P-E-A-C-E carved into it. Thomas touched it, and it sent a rainbow right toward Lokey. For the rest of the day, Lokey looked like a giant rainbow. They sent peace to all the elves (and Trolls and puppies) in Elf World (Corbat in Wampy), and they lived happily ever after.

The End


  1. Torie,

    I wish I could send you a rainbow! This story is very fun and imaginative. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just make rainbows whenever we wanted? I would also LOVE to find puppies inside of stones. 🙂

  2. Wow, Torie! You really do have a colorful imagination! Good job, I love that you are using your God -given talent to make us smile (I am smiling thinking about rainbows, puppies and Trolls named Moe!!) Love you, Grandma

  3. Torie,

    I love this story. It was very creative and I enjoyed it. I especially love the power of making rainbows because rainbows bring me so much joy, just like you do.

    Love you so much!


  4. Leah. Lexi and Skyler September 17, 2014 at 11:56 AM

    What a great story! We love how you describe your characters.

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