"TannerLand" by Tanner Griffin Copyright 2011

Tanner-Land is an island that sunk, and I’ll tell you about it.  If you see an Island on the beach, it used to be part of Tanner-land.  It only had 1 movie theater, 5 grocery stores, 3 regular stores, and it had the most waterfalls of any place on earth.  It sunk because of its many waterfalls.

Boys mostly loved to surf and play soccer, while girls liked to play marbles and legos and things like that. And grownups, well, the computers were very cheap, because money was not a very popular thing in Tanner-Land, so most grownups needed computers for their jobs.  Some people owned restaurants and did not need computers, but cash registers were the same amount of money.

There were a lot of peacemakers.  That was most of the jobs. Peacemakers made sure that everyone was following the rules, but they didn’t put people in jail.  They just told people the rules and hoped that they followed them, and if not they put on their magic gloves and they would become a good listener.

The houses were mostly made of brick, but sometimes wood.  There were a lot of coconuts because it was like a beach but most people’s favorite foods were chicken nuggets at Chik-fil-a, and quesadillas at Moe’s.

Thanks for reading about my very own land.

Peace Out.  Tanner.

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  1. Diane Herring (YaYa) October 8, 2011 at 2:31 AM

    I think I would have loved to live in Tanner Land.. It sounds like a really cool place. I love you Tanner! You are awesome! YaYa

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