Peace, Love and War

Maori Tanner, by Tanner Griffin, a Photo, With Graphic Design. Copyright 2012

Maori Tanner, by Tanner Griffin, a Photo, With Graphic Design. Copyright 2012

Today I was studying Australia and New Zealand and I thought, this history has a lot of Peace and War. I wondered if I was in that time, would I have love, which is normal, would I have peace, which is great, or would I have war, which is not good at all. I thought, well, it depends on where I am and what time period. Like in the early days of Australia and New Zealand, we’d have peace because there would be no one to fight with, there was warriors later, so I would think there will be war in the next time period we’re doing in history.

In modern times, we have a lot more peace, but we had to have a lot of wars to get to that peace. Sometimes war happens now, but mostly we have peace.

In the future, there might be some more war to get to peace, but I think if anyone does get in a war, then there will be more and more war, like in ancient times, but we’ll get back to peace when every continent is conquered and all the people of the world have a place to live and do not want to take other people’s land – no matter if it’s a governor, king, or president, or unspecial person (even though everyone’s special).

I’ve also been thinking about future magic and future war. Like if there was a cell phone that could walk in the future, or someone could cut someone in half and put them back together alive, or something. Because some things were accidentally made during WW1 and WW2, so inventions could come in future wars. And speaking of that, I think there probably will be a WW3 or WW4 in times of future war, if we even get to future war. Or maybe we’ll just stay like it is right now, with little wars in the middle east, and peace mostly everywhere else.

Peace, Love, and War, Oh, That’s the title…I mean Love, Peace, and War,


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  1. Tanner, I love how you think and how important that love and peace are to you. They are to me as well. Love and peace is also important to Jesus. You bring up some very good questions about how the future will be in regard to peace and war. I hope your future is filled with love and peace for you and for the world. Maybe someday world leaders will get a clue as to how we can all live happily and peacefully together. In the meantime, we always have to start with ourselves. Love you forever and always! YaYa

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