On Fame, by Tanner, plus, a Song!

When I grow up, I want to become famous.  Well, not like Beatles famous, but like Jason Aldean famous. Only some people know him, but the people who know him like him A LOT.  It would be good to be that kind of famous because screaming distracts me from guitar and I want to play the right guitar chords/notes because when you do it makes your voice sound better.

I just wrote a song with my uncle Ryan and my cousin Ty, and was like, “Gee. Maybe we’ll all become famous for this song.” And then thought, “Well, maybe not Beatles famous, but Jason Aldean famous.” And then thought, “Hey! That’s what I want to be!” And that’s where I got the thought for this post.  Oh, and speaking of that story, here’s the song:

Each and Every Day
by Tanner Griffin, Ryan Griffin, and Ty Griffin

When you told me you were movin’
I had to write this song.
When I realized it was real,
Everything went wrong.

My girlfriend movin’
How can that be?
I’ll just have to wait and see.

I guess I’ll really miss you
‘Cause you’re movin’ far away.
But you’ll be in my heart each and every day.

Maybe we can pen-pal,
Text or even call
At least we’ll have contact
So we’ll talk about it all.

I guess I’ll really miss you
‘Cause you’re movin’ far away.
But you’ll be in my heart each and every day.

You’re funny, You are beautiful, You’re kind and distracting.
You like to play every day, and you are FANTASTIC!

I guess I’ll really miss you
‘Cause you’re movin’ far away.
But you’ll be in my heart each and every day…each and every day…each and every day.
‘Cause Oregon is too far to go today.

I wrote this song for my friend, Mary, because she’s moving to Oregon. My cousin, Ty (he’s 6) wrote the last line of the chorus. At first he was a little shy about helping, but I think it was the best line in the song.

Love, Music and Philosophy,


  1. What a GREAT song! I’ll buy your albums when you are famous, Tanner. Keep up the good work! You are a very talented song writer and musician!

  2. Great song, Tanner! We’ll be back to visit, and we hope that you’ll come to Oregon someday!

  3. what a great song! she is lucky to have a friend as nice as you to write a song about her.

  4. I love it..you have some serious skills kiddo. I can’t wait to hear it once you put the music to it.
    Love you Tanner,

  5. Tanner, as always, I am so very proud of you and your talent. You speak from the heart and I think that is what makes a very successful song writer. Those songs mean the most when they touch the heart. You and Mary are both blessed with a special friendship and I am sure she will love this and appreciate it. It is so awesome to have a grandson like you! I love you so much and miss you so much! Keep up this great writing! You will be famous someday if that is what you want! Have a wonderful day! YaYa

  6. Thank you for writing about me too! i love you! ty.

  7. You rock Tanner. I’m a little jealous that I didn’t get a song when I left Gainesville! Keep making music and peace, and keep sharing your love. Your big heart is inspiring to everyone who knows you!

  8. Gina Griffin (Grandma) September 25, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    Grandpa and I love this song, it has so much feeling and honesty… I am not sure where you boys get your musical talent, but we really, really do appreciate it! God has given you a beautiful spirit and lots of talent and I am curtain He is enjoying the way you use it as much as we do. Thanks for sharing. Love you and God bless you always, Grandma

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