Love, Peace and the World

Our five senses are very important to understand the world because you would not know what things are like without them. You can see the birds and hear them chirping, you can taste scrumptious food, like crackers or donuts, or something…you can feel the pretty stream of a river, and you can smell it’s fresh waters. If you have none of your senses, that would NOT be OK. But if you were just blind or something, well, you would be OK, because you at least had the other 4 senses.

The world is like Peace to me. Peace is something that I love and I’ve been working and working on in my club, but I still haven’t finished it. And it isn’t just a peace club, it’s also a love club, too. Many days we do peace, but some days we do love. And the reason that I haven’t finished it is because I’m still working on the justice part. But anyway, for love, our main rule is: “Love One Another.”

Love, Tanner. Peace.


  1. That was very good and impressive and have a wonderful thanksgiving. I love u very much.

  2. Wow Tanner,
    I am so proud of your peace page. May I share this with my high school students? They could use some of your loving thoughts. What would the world be like if everyone believed in the greatest commandment of all-to love one another as I have loved you? I will keep reading your blog..thanks for sharing. I love you.

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