I wish I was like Mozart

A jam session with my friend Mark in 2006. (I was One and a Half.)

I just love music. Lately, Mozart has been my favorite thing to listen to.  Sometimes when I listen to Mozart, it helps me do work I don’t want to do. It sounds like vibration and humming and classical music mixed together. It makes me feel very calm. The other night I realized I read a Magic Tree House book (Merlin Mission) about Mozart – It was called Moonlight on the Magic Flute.  In the book, Jack and Annie helped Mozart get his Musical spirit back by playing a magic flute.  When they got home, they looked up Mozart and they saw that Mozart had created a real Singspiel (like an opera with spoken words) called “The Magic Flute”!  I learned about The Magic Flute today, I listened to some of it and the Turkish Rondo. It was very nice to listen to. I loved it. Mozart was a very important man.  We listen to him all the time at our house.  Here’s the most amazing part:  He started playing piano at age 3!  I started playing guitar at age 3, well, 4 because mom wouldn’t let me start lessons at age 3, but I had a ukulele when I was like 18 months old, and everybody says I was really good. I put a picture here of me playing my ukulele with my friend Mark when I was 20 months old. I love music now, and the picture reminds me that I loved music in the past.

Music and Mozart,


P.S. If you have a baby in your belly, play Mozart to it. My mom did that to me, and that’s how I became so smart. You can also play Mozart to concentrate. Mozart helps a bunch of things. Goodbye one more time, Tanner.



  1. Diane (YaYa) Herring January 26, 2012 at 4:59 PM

    Love the blog today Tanner and I love the picture. I cannot believe how much you have grown over the years. I didn’t know much about Mozart so thank you for sharing your story. Love you so much! YaYa

  2. Awesome! I am listening to Mozart right now at my desk.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Tanner – Great post! Will you make Chase a favorite Mozart playlist? 🙂

  4. Great picture, Tanner! And great post. I would listen to Mozart’s Pandora station when I studying for my school tests. The music really helps me to concentrate. It’s great that you enjoy listening to his work as well.

    See you soon!

  5. Tanner, this blog is awesome!!! I was particularly intrigued because I too enjoy music by Mozart… Did you know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created his first opera when he was only 14 years old?? So if you started playing guitars at the age of 3, then you could be really good too! A regular ole Tanner Amadeus Mozart (and the peacemakers!). i think that music is like the best invention, ever… it helps me “do work I don’t want to do” too.. and making music on instruments like the guitar (or the magic flute) is the best! I really like your blog Tanner. Keep up the good work dude

    Peace & Carrots,

  6. Tanner,

    I just listened to “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. It was really good – thanks for the recommendation!


  7. Mozart helped me discover music too Tanner! You are very gifted to realize his beauty in music so young. I used to listen to classical and try to pick out as many individual instruments as I could at one time. Try Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 its my favorite!
    Great job Tanner

    An Internet Fan!

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