Hammurabi: The First Peacemaker

The Code of Tanner by Tanner Griffin | Copyright 2011

Hammurabi lived in Mesopotamia, which did not have much peace at the time when he lived.  But when he became an adult, he became king and made fair laws to try to bring peace to the lands of Babylonia. Some of his laws were very harsh, but I still think they were very fair, too.  For instance, one of his harsh laws was: “If a builder builds a house, and the house collapses and kills one of the owners, the builder would be put to death.”  Even though this law was harsh, I think it probably made builders build more carefully, and eventually made the people safer.

Learning about Hammurabi helped me write “The Code of Tanner”, which includes my laws, like “Always Respect God”, “Try to be peaceful, even when it’s hard” and “Treat other people like you would want to be treated”.  I try to use these laws many days, but sometimes I make a mistake and don’t follow them very good.  It’s OK if you make a mistake, too, just always try to do your best.

This is Tanner saying good-bye to you.  Peace.


  1. Tanner, once again I loved your blog! If everyone lived by and shared your Code of Tanner and it’s 3 Laws, the world would be a very peaceful place. You are an awesome dude. I am so proud of you and I love you sooooo much. Have a peaceful day!


  2. Hey Tanner!
    Today I took a test, and one of the questions was ‘How did Hammurabi make Babylon a more peaceful place’. I had to guess the answer 🙂
    Then I read your blog post and I am pretty sure I am never going to forget who Hammurabi is again.


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