God & Peace

As far as I know, God made the world, but some things were invented by the people that He made. He and his Son helped bring peace. Peace is good. And I think you know by the blog title that I started a peacemaker club.

Here are the rules for being a peacemaker in my club:
1) Don’t be too much of a peacemaker, because that is kind of rude, like telling people to do too much peace stuff is bossy.
2) Do not do anything that’s not respectful and always follow the rules because if you break the rules 3 times, you are out of the club.
3) If you’ve never been in the club or have been kicked out, tell me you want to be in the club, and I will let you back in, or join in.

Steps to be a peacemaker:

1) Regular Peacemaker 1 – Someone that’s not in the club, but likes to bring peace.
2) Peacemaker, Jr. – Someone that’s in the club.
3) Peacemaker Regular 2 – Someone that’s been bringing peace for 1 month.
4) Peacemaker Master (last level of training) – You have a choice – you can either teach peace, or you can follow the rules, like to try your best to do stuff, and things like that.

And if you start your own peace club after that, you become a Peacemaker Leader. If not, you have accomplished your training and you are an Official Peacemaker.

Peace. Tanner.

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