Fish Stories By Us


Coral and the Purple Pearl
by Torie Griffin, Age 8

Hi, my name is Coral the Fish, and I am your narrator. One day, I was swimming and I spotted some spectacular seaweed. Among the seaweed I found THE FANTASTIC FLOWER. It posessed the PURPLE PEARL! The pretty Purple Pearl grants wonderful wishes. I wished for a humble home and I found myself inside a fishbowl. It was a divine day!

Jill and the Two Fish
by Tanner Griffin, Age 10

Two fish swam side by side.
“Look! A whale.” One cried.
“It can be our tour guide.”
For they were swept there by the tide.

The whale said that her name was Jill
And that she was eating krill.
She said it gave her quite a thrill.

Jill took the fish back to their home.
And then, for her, it was time to go
Back to that awesome, cool, krill thrill.

The END.

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