A Puddle of Sadness by Tanner Griffin

A Puddle of Sadness, an original song by Tanner Griffin (Copyright 2012)

I’m sittin’ here
Waitin’ for my island to disappear
The tide’s going up
Now what’s to appear, but an ocean?

This is all I can do
This is all I can say
This is all I can do

Because right now
I’m just a puddle of sadness
A puddle of sadness

Right now I’m feeling lonely too
Right now I’m just my regular self
Cause right now I’m just a puddle of sadness.

I’m just sad because I wish the tide would go…

The Tide! The Tide! It went back to low tide!
Now I’m sitting on an island.

It just took some patience!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Those are some awesome lyrics Tanner! I especially like the fact that the song had a happy ending! I wish I was sitting on an island right now!

    Love ya,


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