The Big Octopus Chase – A Stop-Action Movie by Tanner Griffin

I built this set out of trios by myself. It was really fun building it and I wanted to make a stop action movie using it. I’m going to do that with every trio set. This movie is about 2 good guys and a bad guy. The bad guy was the octopus. The lego guy (un-named) and sailor were the 2 good guys. I got the idea because I wanted to make a movie and my mom told me about stop action movies, and they are really, really cool. You gather all the things: You need a setting, a character, and a plot. Then you move something a little bit and photograph it every time. Then you put all the photographs together to make the movie. It’s not super easy to do it. You have to keep the camera still, the setting still, and for example, I wanted to show a guy on the other side and the rest of the movie on the other side but it would have taken too many pictures to get around it for my short movie. And you cannot make the characters fall without something to, like, lower them. But it was really fun and I will probably make another one with a different trio set that I build.

Movie-making & Peace,


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